Pretty Full Length Mother of Bride Dresses

A full length mother of bride/groom dress is much more formal and elegant than short length. In your daughter’s wedding, I believe you want look nice too. It is not only your daughter’s big day, it is also your whole family’s. What to wear is a very important. I like full length dress. It is so romantic. Check these long dresses, they looks modest and formal. It is appropriate wear to a cathedral wedding and hall wedding.

Short Sleeved Criss Cross Bodice Floor Length Chiffon Mother of the Bride Dress with Brooch
Short Sleeved Criss Cross Bodice Floor Length Chiffon Mother of the Bride Dress with Brooch
Short Sleeves Floor Length Chiffon Sheath Mother of Bride Dress
Short Sleeves Floor Length Chiffon Sheath Mother of Bride Dress
Sleeveless V Neck Satin and Chiffon A Line Mother of Bride Dress
Sleeveless V Neck Satin and Chiffon A Line Mother of Bride Dress

Some pointers to choose your wedding dress

Your wedding dress is probably your most important wedding purchase, and buying it can be quite an experience. Here are some pointers to consider when choosing your wedding dress:

how to choose your wedding dress
Dress shopping should be an enjoyable experience
Sadly many brides are disappointed the first time they go wedding dress shopping. Confusion over appointment times, sample dresses that don’t fit, unfriendly shop assistants, and dream dresses that look terrible when they’re tried on, can all combine to produce a shopping trip from hell.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for shopping, and include fun elements such as lunch and drinks as well as boutique appointments. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable with the fitters at the bridal boutique, don’t worry about walking away. A wedding dress is a considerable investment, so boutiques should make every effort to pamper you and make you feel special and valued. An experienced fitter should be able to suggest styles that will suit your body shape, even if you haven’t considered them before.

Match your dress to your wedding style
Think about the type of wedding you want to have when you are choosing your dress. Which season have you chosen? Will it be a formal evening affair, or a casual beach party? Are you getting married in a garden location, or an historic building? If you are having a themed wedding you might want to make your dress part of that theme. On the other hand some brides go out and find the perfect dress and then use that to influence their wedding theme.

how to choose your wedding dress
Know what flatters your body type
There are so many different styles and cuts of wedding dress that there will always be something to suit your body shape. The key is to choose something that will accentuate your best features, while drawing attention away from the parts you aren’t so keen on. Remember these key points:

  • Empire line wedding dresses will lengthen short legs
  • Dropped waist gowns will compensate for a short waist
  • V-necks wedding dresses are very slimming and perfect for larger busted brides
  • Detail and gathered material at the bust is great for flatter chests
  • Horizontal lines widen the body and vertical lines elongate it

Don’t be tempted to try to hide the parts of your body you don’t like under layers of structured fabric as this will only draw attention to them and give an overall chunky impression. Conversely, make sure your dress isn’t too revealing as you don’t want to be self conscious all day, and you don’t want your wedding photos to be something you later cringe over.

Many brides make the mistake of buying a dress that is too small with the idea of dieting into it. Although you will undoubtedly lose some weight before the wedding, you are unlikely to lose whole dress sizes, so it is much better to buy a gown that fits and plan plenty of fittings close to the big day to make any necessary changes.

Choose your own style over high fashion
If you buy a dress that is ultra trendy you can guarantee it will date your wedding photos, and it may prevent you looking as bridal as you would like. Instead of choosing a wedding gown because it is fashionable, choose one that you love and that makes you look and feel wonderful. It is better to add your own personal character to a simple dress using jewellery, shoes and other accessories, than to take a wedding outfit directly off the wedding catwalks and regret it later.

Prom Dress Trends 2017

Prom Dress Trends 2017

Spoiler alert!  Whether it’s your fave TV show, musician, or fashion line, is there anything better than a sneak peek at what’s to come?  We got you, girl!  To prep for prom season, we’ve rounded up the hottest trends from our upcoming spring dress collection, and we know you’ll want to take note.  Find your must-have trend now so you can head to the store at the start of the season with a plan for looking your prettiest at prom.

Prom Dress

1. Embroidery

Nothing says gorgeous like a prom dress with embroidery, and our spring 2017 prom dress collection is packed with this stunning style! This elaborate embellishment will boost your dress to A-list status for a look that glimmers on the dance floor like no other. This season, wow your date in a glamorous gown with fancy stitching. It’s all in the details, right?

2. Metallic

Sparkle and shine liked the goddess you are in a metallic prom dress! Gold, silver, bronze-we’ve got all the hues to make you look like a star at your prom. Our spring collection contains all the little details to make you feel extra special on formal night, from intricate beading to sequins and more. Prepare to browse our pretty selection of metallic prom dresses and get set to stun.

3. Aztec

For the gal with an eclectic edge, a geometric print prom dress may be in order. Well, good news: our prom 2017 dress collection is brimming with Aztec print dresses! This chic pattern is effortless and unexpected for your formal night out with friends, making it the perfect choice for a prom night of endless photos. For fashion that delivers, look no further than this eye-catching print!

4. Hollywood Retro-Glam Style

What do past Hollywood starlets and our upcoming prom dress collection have in common? Timeless red carpet styles! Think: grand satin ball gown skirts and off the shoulder necklines, glammed up with a classic red lip and cascading curls. If you are a lover of fashion from past decades, these enchanting styles were made for you! This spring, be on the lookout for these retro prom dresses in our new collection, and come prom night, you’ll be ready for your close-up.

5. Dark Background Prints

What makes a pattern really pop? Aside from killer confidence to boot, prints against a dark background are just what you need to make a statement on prom night! From stripes to swirls to florals, our spring dress collection for prom is packed with punchy patterns over shadowy backdrops. Talk about making your mark!

6. Florals

Florals seem to turn up again and again in the fashion sphere, and guess what- they’re back for another go-round! This prom season, why not show up to the spring bash in a whimsical floral print prom dress? Perfect for the girly girl, charm your date or besties in this garden party favorite. Our upcoming spring dress collection has plenty of fresh florals waiting to bloom. Flower power for the win!

7 Ways to Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Less Stressful and Cheaper!

bridesmaid dress

Buying your own wedding dress can feel stressful enough, so imagine how overwhelming it can feel to find the perfect dress for your entire bridal party. From dealing with various personalities to different taste preferences, brides often find the process more difficult than they anticipate. Luckily, many tough parts of the experience can be easily eliminated with a little foresight. Claudia Hanlin, founder of The Wedding Library, shares seven smart tips to make bridesmaid dress shopping as smooth — and fun — as possible.

1. Be upfront about budgets

Weddings can sometimes feel like an etiquette minefield, and your bridal party members’ budget is one of those sensitive topics that can disrupt even the most meticulously planned process. Don’t put off having that conversation, advises Hanlin. It will help determine where you should shop. Luckily, bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at any price point, whether they choose to buy off the rack at stores or opt for custom designer frocks at high-end salons. Also don’t forget to factor in costs for alterations when setting your budget. “Almost 75 percent of bridesmaids need to have their dresses altered,” says Hanlin. “That cost can be anywhere from $25 to over $100.”

2. Do some research online first

“Know what type of look you’re going for before you start making appointments at salons and it’ll make the process so much easier,” says Hanlin. “Every style of bridesmaid dresses can be seen online so research is easy (and fun!) to do and will save much time later.”

3. Shop early for the best deal

“You should start shopping for your bridal party at least seven to eight months before the big day,” says Hanlin. “Not only is this less stressful for everyone, but you’re also more likely to be able to hit a sale (if you’re buying off the rack) or find a quarterly trunk show (where you can get a 15 percent discount) to order the dress and still have enough time to get it delivered without any last minute rushes.”

4. Factor in more time than you think

“Unless you are buying off the rack, you need to budget at least three months from when you place the order to when you get it,” warns Hanlin. “Many designers have their dresses cut overseas so it’s actually impossible for the boutique to expedite the process beyond a certain point.” Orders for the entire bridal party are also placed at the same time to ensure quality control, she explains. Translation: Those perpetually late bridesmaids can delay the entire process!

5. Have your bridesmaids professionally measured

Even though many bridesmaid dresses are being made to order, the customer is not getting a custom dress. Instead, ‘maids are measured and then fit into a preexisting size (usually two to 24). Because each designer sizes differently, it’s important that each bridesmaid provide correct measurements in order to prevent problems later. While many boutiques might have their sales staff measure bridesmaids, they are not seamstresses, Hanlin says. “Ultimately the customer is on the hook for providing her correct measurements, so it’s very important that she also goes to a professional seamstress to get them taken.”

6. Make multiple appointments at the boutique

“Don’t bring your entire bridal party into the shop the first time you start looking for dresses,” recommends Hanlin. “Instead just go with your mother or your maid of honor or one or two bridesmaids and have them help you narrow down your initial choices.” Once you’ve found a few favorites, then ask the rest of the party to weigh in. Have the consultant set aside your picks and show only those to your bridesmaids, she says.

7. Don’t forget to inquire about extra length

“If your bridesmaid is 5’8″ or above, she might need extra length if you’re wearing a long dress, especially if she’s wearing high heels,” says Hanlin. “Bring accessories to the initial fitting and know that there’s often an additional cost associated with extra length.”

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

You’ve dreamt about walking down that aisle since you were a little girl, and now the big day is approaching. Whether you’re choosing a dress off the rack or having one made just for you, follow these tips and make your dream come true.

Choose a style appropriate for the ceremony. For a formal evening wedding, a floor-length dress in ivory, white, cream or champagne, often worn with gloves and a train, is an elegant choice. Semiformal dresses can be also be pastels, a floor brushing (ballerina) length, with a short veil and no train. At a less-formal or second wedding, the bride may choose a long or short dress, or even a two-piece suit. A short veil may be very stylish paired with a classic pillbox hat.

Flatter your figure with a dress that suits you. Take a trusted, honest sister or friend who has your best interests at heart for feedback. Try one of each basic shape–princess, ball gown, sheath and empire waist–to see which flatters you most. Check that you can walk, turn, sit and bend comfortably, as well as lift your arms and hug loved ones without splitting a seam. Comfort and confidence are vital on this day of days.

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